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Talking CMS Supervisor "Connection to host refused" - WORK-AROUND

During the course of troubleshooting within my Enterprise network, we found two "work-arounds" that work.
First, let discuss the cause of this issue as we have found it to be. When a user's password expires or is force reset and their account is in a password reset state this issue happens on select machines.
The two solutions for this are outlined below:
  1. Server-side: Adding the clients hostname and ip address to the HOSTS file located in the root/etc folder on the CMS server.
  2. Server-side: We use ssh and deny all other forms of communications, so telnet was not a real option for us on an Enterprise scale, but we were able to add the clients IP address to the HOSTS.ALLOW file located in the root/etc folder on the CMS server and then go back and comment it out after password change.
Both of the above stated methods require root access to the CMS server, which can be gained by using Putty or any other ssh client to get to the server and using the "su -" command and password to gain access to the system root. We also used "VI" editor to modify both of the HOSTS and HOSTS.ALLOW files. If you are not sure how to use these editors please Google "Basic VI Commands Linux" and you should be fine. I hope this helps anyone who is having this issue. If you have any questions or would like more information please comment and I will do my best to respond accordingly.
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