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Originally Posted by rfavire View Post
Anyone successfully load an S8300D...? I tried to load CM OVA, CMM OVA, Utility Server Ova (Services port only) and when I tried to load WebLM OVA it failed do to size capacity. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I don't think the WebLM OVA is meant for the S8300. System Manager is a mandatory component for Aura 7 and should be used as the licensing repository. SMGR resides on a full-size AVP hypervisor server platform or customer VMware.

Originally Posted by canue View Post
Can the upgrade be done remotely? We were loading up the iso to /vsp-template then creating a vsp-sup/ folder and mounting it from there. Will that still be valid?
What are the versions involved? Upgrades from 6.0.x to 6.3.x on System Platform can indeed be accomplished remotely by mounting the ISOs as you describe. Avaya recently announced support for 5.2.1 and later upgrading to 7.1.x remotely using SDM.
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