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Question Avaya One-X Communicator questions

Hello, I'm looking to mass deploy One-X but have two questions/issues.

1) One-X pulls contact info from AD (public directory). It grabs the "Work", "Home" and "Mobile" fields but does not grab ipPhone which contains the extension number. Is there a way to get it to display this ipPhone field so that when you search for a contact in One-X, it shows it as one of the dialable options alongside Work, Home and Mobile.

2) The public directory contains the user's network credentials. When their password expires, it appears they need to go into the General Settings and update it there. Is there a work-around for this so they can still use the public directory but not have to update the password everytime it expires? I don't want our users to have to figure out how to go into settings to do that everytime.
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