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Default Call waiting on avaya ip office 500 v2

This is kind of a silly way to program your system. This means that if you are on the phone nobody can call you. They will always get a busy signal if you are on the phone and they will not be able to leave you a voicemail. Most business people do not want to stop people from getting hold of them. This sends a very bad message that you do not want the business.

If you insist on programming the system this way look in the help file in Manager in the User/Telephony/Multi-Line Options section for the following setting:

Reserve Last CA: Default = Off. Release 4.0+.
Used for users with multiple call appearance buttons. When selected, this option stops the user's last call appearance button from being used to receive incoming calls. This ensures that the user always has a call appearance button available to make an outgoing call and to initiate actions such as transfers and conferences. For pre-4.0 IP Office, this option is set by adding the RESERVE_LAST_CA= option on the User | Source Numbers tab.
Release 8.1+: 1400, 1600, 9500 and 9600 Series telephone users can put a call on hold pending transfer if they already have held calls even if they have no free call appearance button available. See Context Sensitive Transfer.

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