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Default timers for Survivable Core environment

In an Processor Ethernet architecture with a primary data center hosting Avaya Aura ACM main, a secondary data center hosting Avaya Aura ACM Survivable Core, is there a recommendation about how to set timers for remote Media Gateways?

The main data center goes down.
The Primary Search Timer is set to 1 minute for the Media Gateway at the Survivable Core site, so after 1 minute, the local Media Gateway at the Survivable Core site registers with the Survivable Core.

Question: How long does it take for the Survivable Core to be ready to accept registrations from all other sites?

This time is important because I need to set all other remote Media Gateways' PST timer to 1 minute higher than this time if I want all remote sites to register to the Survivable Core in the event of a main data center failure.

Of course, if the Survivable Core does not accept registration or is unreachable, remote site Media Gateways will then failover to the LSP.
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