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Default Reset Avaya 1603L to automatically acquire an I.P. address using DHCP?

Hi Everyone,

I have been attempting to set a Static I.P. address on an Avaya 1603L (firmware 1.343A) handset. Unfortunately I have not been successful and now want to reset the phone so that it will pick up an address using DHCP.

I came across the instructions below for resetting a 1608, however they are not working on my 1603L!

1). Type "Mute" , C, R, A, F, T, "7","3","7","3","8","# "

> 1603L seems to restart automatically without the prompts below!

2). Type *=no or #=yes (for Reset Values?)
3). Type *=no or #=yes (for Restart?)

As shown above instead of being presented with the option to Reset values / Restart my handset is simply restarting.

Can anybody please tell me how to reset my phone so that it will automatically acquire an I.P. address?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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