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You will do your programming from Ext. 10 or 11. Feature 00, then press the Left Intercom button Twice to get into System Programming.

First UNassign the lines from being answered by the Automated Attendant

Dial #206-7, then dial the line. (For Line 1, dial 01. For Line 2, dial 02. etc)
The bottom line of the display should say "1 Assigned", so press 2 and it will change to "2 Not Assigned". Do this for each line.

Now assign Ext. 10 to cover the calls.

Dial #208, then the line number, and then 10. Do this for each line (01, 02, 03, etc.)

Make sure that Ext. 10 has Automatic Voice Mail Coverage turned on. Dial #310-10, and make sure the 2nd line says "1 Assigned". If it says "2 Not Assigned", press 1 to change it.

Set the number of rings before the mailbox picks up by dialing #321-10, and then the number of rings, up to 7.

Finally, be sure that the lines actually ring on that extension, so press the Right Hand Intercom button Once, dial 10, make sure that each line is lit up SOLID green. If they are flashing or fluttering, press each line to cycle through the settings (Immediate, Delayed, No Ring) until they are all solid.

Press Feature and dial 00 to exit.

Record an appropriate outgoing message, and you should be good to go.

Pressing the DND (Do Not Disturb) button will make the mailbox pick up Immediately, if you want to use that mode at night.
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