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you need to turn off ringing on the voicemail card ports.
No, actually you don't need to touch the ringing assignment on the VM ports.
You need to properly assign the VM ports to Hunt Group 7
When you do that, several things happen automatically

Even though the ports look like they are set for Immediate ring, they are NOT receiving calls through that mechanism. Only lines that are assigned in #206-7 and/or #208 will make their way to extensions that are assigned in #505-7

The calls are presented to one extension in the group at a time, in sequential order. If a port does not answer after 4 rings, it hunts to the next extension in sequence. If a port has answered a call, the next call will be presented to the next port, even if the other port is now available. When a call is answered by an extension in #505-7, the Partner processor will send Touch Tone "mode codes" to indicate the voicemail service that is requested for the call (answer with auto attendant, answer with mailbox, answer to log into voicemail service, etc. And if NO mode codes are received by a voicemail port, it will now know how to process the call, say :"Transferring to Operator", and send the call to the Call Answer Service Operator)

The extensions assigned to #505-7 themselves will have Intercom first as Auto Line Select, and then Line 1, Line 2, etc. They will have Outside Dial Tone on Intercom, because some 3rd party voicemail systems "listen" for dial tone before dialing, and are confused by internal dial tone.
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