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Default POM Outbound calls getting disconnected after 70 seconds

Hi Experts,

We have situation, when we trigger any outbound call with any POM application calls are getting disconnected after 70 seconds

We are receiving far end disconnect from Service provider (ACME SBC)

After investigation we have been asked to change the following

Correct the SIP INVITE with the following

1) Add Ptime attribute
2) Add the following attributes in the SIP Message headers "Alert-info", "PAI alignment", "SDP Parameters"

For adding Ptime Attribute, we have done the following changes in experience portal

In the voice portal web page
System configuration-> MPP servers -> VoIP settings, ->Audio codecs -> Packet time has been selected as 20.

After making the above change i am not able to see ptime in the sip body.

So for the other changes , is there any specific configurations in experience portal that needs to be changed?

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