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This is a known issue. See:

A DECT handset unsubscribes when Manager change for that user is merged.
There are some workarounds:

1. RBS is at 10.0.7: Subscribe the handset, wait a moment. Unsubscribe the handset from the handsets menu. Wait a moment and subscribe again.
2. RBS is at 10.0.7: Disable Provisioning. (Not good, considered the benefits of provisioning…)
3. RBS is at 7.2.28: The problem does not exist here. However, new devices like 3730/3735 are not recognized correctly, just unknown device.

Solution 1 is tested with several installations and is considered as working workaround.

Version 10.0.5 and 10.0.6 have many other nasty bugs and shall not be used.
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