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Default Conference Room Phone IP Office


I have a question regarding my IP Office system and a new conference room phone. This may be a bit of long post, but I do not know a whole lot about the Avaya system. The question my not be stated correctly because I am just not sure.

I need to put in a real conference room phone. My past experience is with Polycom and hosted VoIP systems. I have looked into this but I am just not sure all that is involved. What I would like to know is it just better to go with an Avaya conference room phone, all my other phones are Avaya phones.

If I wanted to go with the Polycom or expand to offer SIP connections (say on a computer) here is what I think I need but I am not sure.
1. Buy a SIP enabled Polycom phone
2. Create a SIP extension in my IP Office Manager
3. I would need a license for the 3rd party SIP installed on my system - I would need one for every SIP phone I want to use
4. This is where I am not sure - Would I need a SIP trunk to be able to make and receive calls? I do not have one set up, right now all my calls go through POTS lines provided by my cable company.

Step 4 is what concerns me because I will need to bring in at least a T1 line to for the line quality to make and receive calls and this is why I am trying to figure out what needs to be done, because internet connections will need to change/be added to the office.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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