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Originally Posted by thiel2 View Post
So during the course of the day, you are changing the base extension to match the user extension as the users move around the campus and use different phones?
No. This happens only when staff no longer works with us or needs to move to another campus, not within the building. This is most prominent during our summer time when we have about 150 +- new staff that needs the extension of the person that left.

During summer this isnt gonna be a big deal since the change is reflected when the system reboots. I am not very concerned about rebooting the system at 11pm when changes have been made....theoretically speaking.....

Originally Posted by thiel2 View Post
Or are you trying to line up your base and user extensions, and nothing will change until you get a new person with a new extension number take over an old telephone?
I don't line them up. we used to have Cisco phones and that system allowed you to change the extension of the phone on the fly without rebooting the whole thing. I was not part of the meetings but the person that left, and i took the position for him, was and I assume they were told it was possible.

Originally Posted by thiel2 View Post
Go to a phone where the base and user extensions do not match, go into the Admin menu of the phone, and select Logout. This is different from *36, it removes the base extension from the telephone set, and puts you at the login prompt as if this is the first time the phone was ever plugged in. Now you can input the extension number and login code. HOWEVER, you can't have another telephone somewhere already logged in with that base extension number. So if Base 101 has User 102, and Base 102 has User 101, you need to do a Logout on BOTH phones, then log them back in. Once the Base and User extensions match, they will always stay on those numbers.
That is the process I recently found out that worked. The thing is, it is a manual process and its not that the new staff will know what their extension is. That is why I was hoping for something remotely..

Is this the process Avaya SysAdmins should follows to make extension changes? If not, what do they do without Aura?
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