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Originally Posted by zakabog View Post
Okay, that's the orange light and that's just the heartbeat light to let you know the card is up and running, and you're saying it flashes green in between? That means the PRI is not fully up, are you connecting to a smart jack or an IAD? If it's a smart jack, do you see any alarm lights? If it's an IAD, check the lights or work with the carrier and find out what they see. You want that to be a solid green light between heartbeats, not blinking green. Also, go into system status and you should see that the PRI current state is "Out of Service" (and confirm that the admin state is "In Service".)
Hi thanks so much for the assistance. We are on a BT backbone and I believe a smart Jack.
The PRI Card is flashing green in between the red flash. The alarm light i see in the attached picture.
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