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Default Issue: blind transfers from DECT to IP Phones after upgrade from R9.1.7 to R11FP4

We have an issue on a customers pbx and are able to simulate the issue in our lab.
Did anyone encounter the same problem?
If possible can someone simulate this also?

We do not receive support from Avaya because the customer has no DECT maintenance contract.

After an upgrade from R9.1.7 to R11FP4 a blind transfer from DECT to IP Phone fails.
Tested 2 different IPO's with same releases.
All same result, call is dropped.

Tested with 3 different ISDN/PRI providers.
All same result, call is dropped.

IP Office R11FP4
with DECT 3720/3725/3730 versions 4.3.24

Issue is on PRI and ISDN and ISDNoverSIP
Issue is not on SIPtrunk

Tested scenarios:
Incoming call to DECT, blind transfer to 2nd DECT works fine.
Incoming call to DECT blind transfer to SIPphone(j179) works fine.
Incoming call to IP phone, blind transfer 2nd IP phone works fine
Internal call,to DECT, blind transfer to DECT works
Incoming call via SIP trunks work have no issues.
Outgoing calls from DECT to external numbers, then transfer to IP phones: works

Tested on:
DECT antenna software 7.2.24 and 7.2.28.
DECT 3720/3725/3730 versions 4.3.24 and 4.7.2

Monitor traces from R11FP4 says: "no route to specified transit network" during the blind transfers to IP Phones.

Thank you for your replies !
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