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Drat, I should've mentioned that.

In the initial conference calls, they knew their current four digit station numbers would not match the DIDs. Many years ago they had a Nortel Norstar MICS using three digit station numbers with POTS lines. Later they transitioned to an IP Office with the same POTS lines and chose to go with four digit stations. To do this they just added an initial digit of 2 or 3 to the previous station numbers to provide some continuity. Fast forward to the present day where they determine ISDN PRI pricing is worth the jump and I am contracted to integrate the digital trunk to the system.

So, the initial conversations were to use station numbers which matched the DIDs. Then while programming the conversation changed several times between the prime contractor and the end customer. Now we had a change order to determine the easiest way to integrate their old station numbers as many of their clients had business cards listing the main telephone number and the user's station number. I created a 'proof of concept,' and their IT team would implement any changes on an 'as needed basis.'

Strangely when asked to do this I was positive it could be done but I didn't know immediately how to do it. ATAC and support were scratching their head and saying the same thing: "It's possible, but we don't know how and why would you do it?"

Oh well, if another runs into the same problem, here it is...
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