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Default Obi1032 compatible with Avaya System?

Hello everyone!

I have an Avaya IP phone which i use to connect to the main phone system across the USA. It is used for incoming calls via the call queue or extension dial, outbound calls, etc..

I was looking at the Obi1032 IP phone by Obihai and I was wondering if it would work with the Avaya system. I also asked this on Obihai's forum and received the following response:

"It looks like it should work with it. The company says they support SIP signaling. It's difficult to say whether advanced features would. I don't know enough about their system. Personally I would contact avaya directly.

Have you posted the question on their forum?

My knowledge of the Avaya system is limited, so I was wondering if someone with more knowledge on my inquiry could chime in please? Is it compatible, and if so, would any features not be available like being an extension, receiving a call from the queue, etc..

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