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DMCC reserve licensing works a tad differently than TSAPI reserved.
- TSAPI reserved pulls the initial amount of licenses when the AES first contacts the WebLM server. For example, if you have 200 TSAPI reserved the AES will pull 200 TSAPI licenses immediately and add them to its cache; however in the case with DMCC reserved, these licenses are not pulled until the first license is requested, at which time a block of licenses are pulled. The number of which are determined by the amount set in the DMCC reserved.
For E.g
In the case where the customer has 40 DMCC reserved licenses. When the application requests the first license, 40 DMCC licenses are put into the cache, 39 of which are available (after the first has been consumed). Upon the 41st license being requested, DMCC pulls another 40 reserved and adds them to the cache, bringing the total to 80 licenses, 41 of which are consumed.
So Max number of batch that can be allotted or reserved can only be 1000 and hence you wont be able allocate more than that.

I hope this clarifies.
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