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Default POM blocks all MPP sessions

Hi guys,

I have really big problem installing POM in CC Elite environment. Here is the configuration:

  • EPM, AEPM, MPP - v7.0.2 OVA depolyed
  • POM installation for each EPM - v3.0.2
  • application server(tomcat) is on EPM
  • DB server is internal PostgreSQL on EPM
  • I have no license, but system is in 30 days grace period
  • environment is SIP, using Session Manager
After installation and configuration of POM, when I start Agent Manager service, this is what I can see in logs respectively:

"Waiting for router of zone Default to get initialized" - multiple times
"Unable to create session, max threshold of 30 reached"
"Find_MPP_with_Resource returned an error. No resources available"
"Failed to launch OCWS. OCWS Fault: AppIntfServiceSOAPImpl::launchCCXML(), Find_MPP_with_Resource() No resources available"

So, what I've found on MPP is that those 30 sessions are used by 0:PomDriverApp and 0:Nailer application. This happens in about 20 seconds after starting of Agent Manager service, and after that the whole system goes down. At this point, all I can do is to restart MPP.

I have to mention that I've tested EP inbound and OCWS and it works until I start Agent Manager. Also, I've tested some basic POM campaign in that 20 seconds before everyting go down, and it works.
I payed attention on Nailer ( and
PomDriverApp ( names. I've exchanged certificates, step by step using documentation. Everything is in Default Zone, I didn't touch it at all. As you could see, password for OCWS is ok because it works.

If someone has any idea, I will really appreciate it to share it with me.

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