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Default Additional information for binding AADS with AD Microsoft

We have an Aura platform already in operation. Users are currently created manually in SMGR. The Login Name of the users based on their extension number followed by the domain. ex .:

In addition, users connect to their telephone by entering their extension number followed by a default password. This allows one person to impersonate another by logging in from any telephone extension using an existing extension number followed by the default password.

We want to counter this security problem and make it easier for users to connect to their telephones using their Windows session account (SSO). So, for example, a user who logs on to a Windows workstation on the local network will see his phone (softphone or physical) come up with his DN and corresponding (personal) password.

To achieve this, we have been advised to install an Avaya Aura Devices Services server on our phone platform which will synchronize with the enterprise AD on Windows.

My question is how are we going to link the user ID under Windows to the user under Aura, because nothing links the two entities eg: user ID, IP phone ... Could you give us your advice.

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