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Hello DJE

There is no information on how a fax server would be connected to the BCM, but here is some information which I hope helps.

The BCM450 R6 supports T.38 fax on both H.323 & SIP lines. The VoIP lines would need to be enabled by licensing with T.38 support available with no further licensing required.

Assuming that a fax server would be connected via VoIP lines, any fax traffic would simply be transiting through the BCM. As such any limitation would be dependent on available PRI channels & VoIP lines. The BCM450 has been engineered such that there would always be available DSP for the PRI to VoIP conversion.

You may also like to consider that the Voicemail service on the BCM [Call Pilot] can be configured to receive faxes into mailboxes. There would be a limitation of 4 simultaneous ports for a standard BCM and 8 ports if the system has a CEC [capacity Expansion Card].

Also, any mailbox can be used in conjunction with Unified Messaging whereby mailbox access is integrated into an email client, this would allow users to view & send faxes from their desktop.

The solution using the BCM Call Pilot would require licenses for each mailbox used and a separate license to enable the fax functionality.


Steve Edge
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