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Default G450 Upgrade

Connect a cross-over cable between "ETH LAN" port "5" and your laptop. (or just connect your laptop on network)

* Configure an IP address for you laptop within the range of the gateway.

* Install and configure a TFTP Server on your laptop(Make sure local laptop firewall allows TFTP)

* Copy the firmware into a folder which you specified for firmware in the TFTP Server 2000 setup.

* To copy MGP firmware type the below:

copy tftp SW_imageA "filename" IP address (laptop IP)

"copy tftp SW_imageA g450_sw_28_22_1.bin"

"copy tftp SW_imageB g450_sw_28_22_1.bin"

* At the prompt proceed by selecting "yes".

* Type "show download software status 10" to see the firmware download progress.

* Type "show image version" to see the firmware version.
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