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Default DLG360 ILO Port

Hi James,
I check your query and hope below answers help you.
- Do you have it alert you on conditions that need attention - Alert via Email, SMS Text, Pager? Does it do this straight out of the ILO port or does it need another software package to do this?
Yes, It can provide the alert through SNMP.
iLO supports Inventory and Configuration, Health Status, SNMP Alerting, Pre-Failure Alerting, Redundancy Status and Alerting, and SNMP Data Collection.
All the errors and alerts only for Hardware Level like Fan Failure, Power Failure etc.

2 - Did you have to get a license from HP as indicated in the video? Or does some of the basic functionality work without it?
You can work without license but i afraid the it will give you limited/trial functionality.
Though you can get the license from HP.

3 - How do you like the functionality of the ILO Port?
I am a Implementation & Support Engineer, iLO port help me a lot in case of issue
which is related to server. It will open Console view of server and we can see whats going on. And we can also check what is the health of the hardware.

4 - What other features do you use on the ILO Port?
There are no. of feature's you can do with iLO.
You can monitor the hardware, Fan's ,Power to server, NIC status etc.You can refer to manual of DL360 G7 HP.
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