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"And when I just run this simple WF in debugger, and step through it, after the terminate executes the Debugger Console shows "Output Data" as blank. So, first of all, is that correct? Shouldn't it show my Output1 value as an Output?"

It is weird that debugger has only output data area and not input data area. Seems like a bug. Output area should be empty as Ouput1 is infact input for terminate event. Instead on using debugger, I deployed workflow and used admin console to create instance, and input for terminate event correctly shows Output1 having the value

"But, that aside, if I deploy this WF as "Test" and then open a new workflow, when I use Create Process and point it to my "Test", it doesn't automatically populate anything for input/output schema. If I paste the schema from above into the output schema for Create Process, and map it to some variable, it still comes back blank."

Regarding not automatically populating input/output schema, this is known issue.

I tried above thing and variable is not blank after that, it had output1, again I was using admin console
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