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Default ROUTE CALL command - to external number

We are using SIP AACC 6.4 & CM - presently when we need to route a call from within AACC to an external number we use a "ROUTE CALL xxxx" scripting command, the actual number we route the call to is a VDN within CM that has an associated vector that routes to an external number ie, 9xxxxxxxxxxx.

We have a requirement to route a call to an external number that is entered via AACC using GIVE IVR / Collect Digits - the problem being that there is no way to get these collected digits into the CM Vector in order for the call to route.

In the AACC AML system I used to work on I used to be able to use the ROUTE CALL command to any external number directly within the script, ie, ROUTE CALL 9xxxxxxxxx - this doesn't work in a SIP setup.

I think what I'm trying to do is impossible, anybody any thoughts?

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