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Solution Delivered Route-to digits & set Commands

I am unfamiliar with the "route call" command as we do not use Avaya AuraŽ Contact Center. Do you want to route a call to a specific known number? Or are you looking to route to a number collected during the vector processing time?

Are the "route-to digits" or "route-to number" commands available to you? Here's how they would work as a vector step

Specific Number
route-to number 9999 with cov y if x = y.

Unknown Number
For this to work you need to know whether the number entered will need to be within your area code or not. If you do not know before hand you will need to use a collect step asking: "Is this within the 999 area code, 1 if y and 2 if no. Do not include dashes in the entered number." Then you can add steps for each condition. Once that is resolved the next step is . . .

collect [number of digits] digits after announcement 9999 for none

Here you need to know a bit about the "set" command. See:

The next step, depending on the length of the number and whether you need a 9 and a 1 might be . . .

set digits = digits CATL 9
route-to digits with coverage "y" or "n"

Does that help?
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