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Hi Bill, thanks for the comprehensive reply!

I understand the CM / VDN / Vector setup however my problem resides within AACC.... what I would like to do within an AACC script is to route a call off-switch with a command like the one below

ROUTE CALL 9 [external number]

However when I try this in an Avaya red SIP environment the call fails... in the Avaya blue / AML Contact Centre I the above worked perfectly fine.

I am now forced to use a command like the one below and get CM to route the call


The problem being that I want the caller to enter digits from their phone (a phone number) and then have AACC route the call to the number the user has entered - because I have to use a CM Vector to route the call there is no way to get the collected digits from AACC to CM.

...does that make sense? !


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