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Default Button Modules

1 - On the 96x1 phones, the documents talk about support for BM12 and BM24 as well as SMB24. So I know what BM12 and SMB24 is, but what is a BM24? The documents make it seem like it's a seperate unit BUT I can't find it anywhere else.
The 96x1 phones, except for the 9621, support both the 12 button module and the 24 button module. The SBM24 is the 24 button module that is supported on the 96xx telephones.

2 - On the 9621/9641 Touchscreen phones, will Avaya offer/make a Touch Screen Button Module?

The 9621 doesn’t support button modules. There is no touch screen button module available today.

3 - On the 9650C, I could have sworn I have seen a color displayed button module for this unit. Is there a Color Screened Button Module for this phone?

Avaya doesn’t sell any color button modules today.
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