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Are you talking changing the logging level at the desktop? As this didn't affect everyone it's difficult to foresee who will have the issue. Changing it on everyone's is difficult as we have 125 CCE users. I am not aware of a way to mass change the logging level for agents.

We are running CCE 4.1.3.

I have seen the issue with the Media Proxy before and would agree that is probably not the issue here.

We made a few changes since this was an 8 a.m. issue and the error referenced SQL. This last Monday was much better. Not sure if it matters but our SQL server only reboots monthly. The Monday we had the blank emails the SQL server had just restarted the night before. It will be restarting again this Sunday so will see if that could be causing the issues..

In case it would help others, here is what we have done.
- Ran stored procedure to create new AMSDataX database. The current one was over 3 GB. I found out Avaya likes this to stay under 2GB

- Adjusted the email queues to poll emails after hours. Our implementation vendor set these up to start polling at 8:00 a.m when the schedules for the queues start delivering email.

- Our SQL administrator moved the CCE databases to a separate drive on our SQL server.

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