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Default CCT SDK Contact object


Using CCT Client I want to get Id for a particular incomming contact (Voice and Multimedia) in order to save that id in 3rd party DB and use it for retrieving details about that particular contact in future.

In CCT SDK I can get incomming Contact object (eather Voice or MM).
Contact object has 4 fields:
<element name="contactId" type="{}string"/>
<element name="externalContactId" type="{}string"/>
<element name="provider" type="{}provider"/>
<element name="contactType" type="{}contactTypeArray"/>

Question is what represent those fields:
-contactId (this is CMF id I believe)

Does externalContactid represents id for voice, multimedia, open queue, etc...?

If so please confirm that if I've got externalContactId for email contact I would be able to get that particular email through CCMM/ccmmwebservices/CIContactWs.asmx and ReadContact method.


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