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Solution Delivered Solution Using a Bridged Appr., Coverage Path and EC500

I was asked to set up a new building security line. The required parameters were. A number calls the following in order . . .
  1. Security [2 rings and then to]
  2. Facilities + cell phone [2 rings and then to]
  3. HR Manger + cell phone [2 rings and then to]
  4. Announcement: "Call 911."
Here's how I did it.

  • I set up an X-ported digital station (4000) with Coverage Path 1 = 60.
  • I placed a bridged appearance of 4000 on the Security station.
  • I built A VDN to a vector.
  • The vector plays an announcement and calls 4000 which rings the security phone.
  • If security does not pick up, 4000 covers to 60.
  • 60 rings 2 times and forwards the call to Facilities + Facilities cell.
  • If 2 rings pass without answer CovPath 60 rings HR + HR cell.
  • If 2 rings pass without answer CovPath 60 covers to a VDN/vector
  • The vector plays the announcement that tells the caller to dial 911 and drops the call.

If required, I have a VISIO that provides details.
Thank you,
Bill Marzahn
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