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Default Justino

I'm a little bit confused

In specification we can find:

The Web Communications Web services provide an open interface to the Avaya AuraŽ Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) database. The web service architecture provides a platform independent interface that can be accessed from Microsoft .NET and Java applications. The interface allows integration of customer Web sites and third-party applications with the Contact Center Multimedia system.

The Web Communications services provide a range of methods that allow client applications to:

  • Create new customers
  • Log in, and subsequently log out, customers and administrators
  • Create customer contacts
  • Update customer details
  • Read customer details
  • Read customers' contact histories
  • Read details of individual contacts
  • Create and maintain a Web Communications chat session

The methods used to access this functionality are provided by the following Web services:

  • CI Action Web Service
  • CI Address Web Service
  • CI Contact Web Service
  • CI Customer Web Service
  • CI CustomField Web Service
  • CI EmailAddress Web Service
  • CI PhoneNumber Web Service
  • CI Skillset Web Service
  • CI Utility Web Service
  • CI WebComms Web Service

There's nothing else than to believe that it is possible to get voice+MM contact history from 3rd party app

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