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Default Dialer and CallTag's

Hi All,

I have a customer who wants to use the dialer. I have it setup and a large .csv and related .txt file for import for the job that is working properly when I import and run.

My question is, I was reading through the guides, when talking about a preview dialer it says:

A. The Customer’s details are previewed to the agent before the call is made.
B. For Example – Customer Name: Alan Smith
Customer Contact Number 123456789
Previous Purchase: Product A

I thought these details would be pulled from the .csv import and use CallTag's to do it. So customer has:


in the .txt file that corresponds to the matching lines in the .csv:

"Joe Smith","New Sales","1/1/2018"

When I test though, I get no data presented, just an option to start the call.

Is there a different way we should be displaying this data than through importing the .csv and .txt for the Job? I also read "You can import the value for a tag only if you create a CallTag Name tag field in the Configuration module." but it doesn't give good examples on how to do that to match up with the above data?
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