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Default System Manager Geographic Redundnacy and High Availability Server Requirements

System Manager High Availability (HA) and System Manager Geographic Redundancy (SMGR-GR) have the requirement that the SMGR Base Server must be identical in model and resource configuration. For the HA feature, SMGR uses the HA solution provided by System Platform(SP) (SMGR running on top of SP) and the identical server requirement is based on the System Platform requirement.

For the SMGR-GR there is also the requirement to have identical server platforms and this is currently restricted because of the database replication mechanism and the system verification done for the SMGR-GR feature. In the coming releases we are planning on investigating a way of relaxing the SMGR-GR identical server hardware restriction, to allow Common Server R1 and Common Server R2 to be used in a mixed SMGR-GE environment.

Your question does not indicate what redundancy/reliability option the customer is looking to implement, but the information provided above should drive you to the conclusion that both solutions need identical hardware at this time.
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