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Default Comcast as TelCo

We just inherited a PARTNER ACS R6 system after combining our dental office with a retiring dentist's practice and moving into his building.

We use Comcast Business as our telco provider. We have two voice lines:

Line 1: XXX-XXX-2334 (our main phone number)
Line 2: XXX-XXX-2800 (retired dentist's phone number)

We have patients from the retired dentist that still call his old 2800 number. We also have our own patients that use the 2334 number.

What do we need to ask Comcast to do (if anything) to allow our patients to dial each of these numbers directly but also have a call roll over to the other line if the line they call is busy? What do I need to configure on our end?

Thanks for your help.
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