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Default Inbound calls to SM fail...


I installed Session Manager (SM 6.3 SP 8) for testing before it is deployed in production to replace our SES.

I've been able to provision and register SIP endpoints to the SM and make calls between these SIP endpoints.

I've setup a SIP trunk to our CM and wanted to test inbound calls from the CM to the SM. One extension is configured on the CM to be be routed across the SIP trunk to the SM.

When I make an inbound call to this extension, a SIP Invite is send from the CM to the SM (verified from traceSM on SM). However, the SM ultimately responds with "404 Not Found (originating user not found)" to CM, despite the SIP extension being called to is SIP registered to the SM when the inbound call is placed.

Furthermore, if I perform a Call Routing test from SMGR using the Called Party URI, Calling Party URI, Calling Party Address for the failed call obtained extracted from traceSM on the SM and use the appropriate Called Session Manager Instance, Session Manager Listen Port, and Transport Protocol, the result of the executed Call Routing Test indicates the call would be forwarded to the enduser, i.e., "Proxying the request to endpoint 89584..." which is what I want to happen for the failed call.

I haven't been able to figure out why the SM returns the "404 Not Found (originating user not found)". I've tried to pare down the routing configuration on the SM to what's minimally necessary to make the work. Note, at this point CM should just be viewed as the other end of a SIP trunk and not an evolution or feature server.

How can I make the SM not care about the originating user of an inbound call from a SIP trunk to the SM?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I can supply any relevant information as requested.


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