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Post timers for Survivable Core environment

Both the Survivable remote server (formerly called Local Survivable Processor [LSP]) and the Survivable core server (formerly called Enterprise Survivable Server [ESS]) are full functional state except they do not control anything. (let's say they are in dormant state). the survivable servers do not request the gateways to come to them for control and rather it's the opposite: i.e., the H.248 gateways and IPSI controlled gateways request the survivable servers to control them. The survivable server then accepts the control. the timers for each is set in their respective devices (i.e., in the case of the H.248 gateways, it's in the MG itself) and in the case of the IPSI, it's on the primary server. In the case of the IPSI controlled gateways, the environment could be segmented into several survivable configurations.

As for timers, I don't know if you have only H.248 media gateways or also IPSI controlled G650 gateways.

- Do you have only H.248 gateways (e.g., G450) or do you also have IPSI-controlled gateways (e.e.g, G650)?
- Do you have both a "Survivable remote server" and "Survivable core server" in the same remote location?

In the media gateway we have "Primary Search" and "Transition Point". When you set the "Primary Search" to 1 minute, then once the MG has detected the loss of the H.248 link to the primary controller (I suppose in your case the PE of the server in the main location), then the MG starts the timers. the MG will spent 1 minute looping around its mgc list of primary controllers (up to the transition point) and ask those controller to control it. During this time, should those controllers not be able to accept the MG's connection request, the the MG will continue looping through the IP addresses in its MGC list until the "Primary Search" timer expires (which is 1 minute). Then the MG will start sending requests to the secondary MGC list IP Addresses in which case it's normally the LSP/Backup servers.
Commands in the MG are: "show mgc list", "show recovery", "set reset-times primary-search/total-search/transition-point", "set mgc list"

The primary list on the MG would contain the main server's PE address. After a minute of link loss in the MG, the MG will then fall below the transition point and request services from the secondary server which would be your survivable core server's PE. the last IP address could be your Survivable remote server's IP. (this of course assumes you don't have any G650/IPSI/CLAN)

You would need to set the timers for the phones to be able to handle this as well. The phones have separate timers and alternative gatekeeper list.

Does this answer your question?
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