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Default WannaCry MS hotfix install on CallPilot HA or standalone

The hotfix for Windows 2003 (download from Microsoft web site): WindowsServer2003-KB4012598-x86-custom-ENU

To install the hotfix on a standalone CallPilot the hotfix can be installed without issue from the D:\temp folder.
-As always have your normal maintenance window actions complete
-Full backup
-Split RAID

To install the hotfix on a CallPilot HA you must install it on the Offline side of the HA pair.
-Stop Monitoring from the EMC AutoStart Console Split RAID on both servers.
Then you can bring the resource group back online.
-Install patch onto CallPilot 2 (CP2 being the Offline side) and reboot system.
-After reboot, fail over from CallPilot 1 to CallPilot 2 (If Telephony and AOS fail to start, manually start them from the EMC console or from the services management panel) Install Hotfix on CallPilot 1, reboot.
-Resync RAID
-Start Monitoring (if you prefer you can relocate resources back to CallPilot 1)

It is advised to have the latest hotfixes installed from CPSECPEP018S and if not a 202i or a 1006r then CPSECPEPSP2S installed as well.
These can be downloaded from the Avaya ESPL (these also should be installed on the offline side of a CallPilot HA pair).

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