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Default Avaya aura 6.0

Ok, so it looks as though not just the software, but also the hardware or rather the OS and hardware architecture is changing with 6.0.

Only S8510 and S8300D servers will run 6.x. This appears to be due to AVAYA going with a VM type of application architecture. AVAYA will promote "System Platform" servers that scale to the application requirement.

Hmmm, I have allot of questions about this. This is not a bad thing, but I would like it if an AVAYA person could post some technical overview docs or something. I wana know:
  1. What is the official word on SES co-res in AURA CM 6.x, Branch SES?
  2. What is the general architecture with the new platform VM servers? How many OS and applications will each support? Is there a matrix of some sort?
  3. If you were to only deploy SIP and have CM as a feature server only, what is the LSP plan for remote sites?...knowing local S8300s are no option cause no H.323...
Gary Rogerson
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