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Default Play Announcement (WAV) - Lab111


In workflow "laganPruAnncTest1" within Lab111 I can't get a WAV announcement to play. The announcement should play at the 2nd Play Announcement step. I've loaded the WAV file on the Content Store, and added the URL (cstore://hello?ns=prutest&cg=wavs) to the announcement step, but it won't play. I've added the test URL of file:///opt/avaya/app/amsinst/ma/MAS/platdata/Announcements/mmf/system/default/millions.wav to a separate announcement step, and that plays fine. I also have announcement step with just a basic TTS announcement, and that also works fine.

Why won't the announcement in the 2nd announcement step play?

Can someone please look at my setup in AMS Content Store and Engagement Designer and tell me if I am doing anything wrong?

Thank you,

James Lagan
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