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Default Calling an extended preset for camera on XT 5000

I am trying to call extended presets on codec XT 5000 with control
from IP (port 55003).
Connection to codec is OK (initizlizing comand gives correct answer):
PC: \aa\aa\00\00\00\08AT[&IPV\r 
CODEC: \aa\aa\00\00\00AT[<IP400\04DXT5000-\r\aa\aa\00\00\00\03OK\r
When i an trying to call a standart preset, everything all right, and
camera moving to required position:
PC: \aa\aa\00\00\00\0cAT[&SF01051\r 
CODEC: \aa\aa\00\00\00\03OK\r
But when i am trying to call an extended preset, codec resets
connection (after sending command connection will be lost):
PC: \aa\aa\00\00\00\0cAT[&SF010B001\r
Why is this happening? what am I doing wrong?
Codec firmware:
Using camera: Avaya Scopia XT Deluxe Camera

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