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Default IPOCC - How to make option "Return to the previous menu" in TaskFlow


I have IPOCC 9.1.6 with defined some CallFlows and IVR's.
I would like to make 2-level voice menu to allow customers selecting options via DTMF.


We have defined two topics and CallFlows:

600 – MenuGlowne (MainMenu)
611 – MenuKlient

In every CallFlow we use IVR script which allow the customer to dial DTMF options and then save dialed digit to the variable (various for 600 and 611).

Incoming calls are routed to the “600 – MenuGlowne” and when Customer press “1” call is routed to the next level menu “611 – MenuKlient”. It works properly.

In the topic “611” we have defined DTMF option “9” which should be “Return to the previous menu”.
When user press “9” call should be routed to the “600-MainMenu”. It not works (call not return to the main menu and I did not hear any announcement.
I suspect that the system remembers the option that was selected earlier in the “600-MenuGlowne” and therefore it is not working properly.

In the log I saw that “Return to the previous menu” causes a continuous switching between topics “600-MenuGlowne” and “611-MenuKlient” without any announcements.
It is possible to solve the problem?
Or maybe you can recommend me other way to do multi-level menu in IP Office Contact Center?
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