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Default 12 party conference call

Hi Team,
Customer is having Aura 8.1.2 where he has CM, SMGR and SM with 1x G450 gateway.

Now customer want to have a functionality of 12 party ad-hoc conference and for that AAMS is required.

Now my question is that:
1. Can AAMS and G450 can work together (which I believe so) specially for Adhoc conference? or G450 has to be removed completely to achieve the funcationlity of 12 party conference.

2. Is any one of you have any configurations screenshots to share to help me to understand the configuration.

3. A user iniaties a call for conference - How many DPS channels will be reuqired to have a 12 party call? Any idea

Thank you

Asif Shabbir
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