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Default Forwarding call to Another Extensions Voicemail

I am new. If this is the wrong place for this please let me know.

I have a coverage path assigned to an extension that forwards a call from Ext A to Ext B and after 3 rings it forwards to Ext C and after 3 rings I would like to send the call to Ext B's voicemail box.

Currently when I send the call, after the coverage path, to voicemail it is handled by Ext A's mailbox (I assume that AUDIX pulls meta data of the calls origin and routes to that extensions voicemail)

I have forwarded calls out to the PSTN in the past to allow the receiving extensions mailbox to be the final destination of the caller. I can do that in this instance but then the caller will have to wait while Ext B rings until voicemail again. I would like to avoid this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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