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Default Question about call forward and caller ID

I have a question about call forwarding and caller ID
Our staff is setting up an after hours phone number for HELP desk issues that cannot wait until the next business day.
Three or four members of the IT staff will rotate acting as the on-call person for the HELP line.

I was directed to create the service with the following stipulations.
The caller to the HELP line will hear a message (city employees only, urgent request only, otherwise put in a ticket thru normal channels). Caller will then be transferred to the on-call person's cell number or home number. The on-call staff want to be able to change the destination phone number from their desk phone and also remotely change the destination phone number. (from their cell phone or home phone)

I created a hunt group for the HELP line with night service always active.
Night service points to vdn 1077
VDN 1077 points to Vector 24
Vector 24 plays announcement and then routes the caller to station 7663
Station 7663 will forward calls to the on-call staff member. Station has cos 0 and can transfer off-net.
I put a bridged appearance on the telephones of the on-call staff so they can change the call forward TN at their pleasure.
I gave them instructions for remote access (telecommuting).
Everything works well. Except that the calling number is passed through to their cell phone.

They are now requesting that any call to the HELP line carry the same caller id thru to their cell phone. This is so that they know that they are getting a HELP line call. I have tried many things with the hunt group options and the vdn options, but so far I cannot accomodate their request.

Any suggestions on how to send the same caller ID every time to their cell phones when forwarding calls from a station ?
Thanks for reading and I will appreciate any comments

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