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'There is no way to send caller id of original caller to the cell through call forwarding'

Mittas, that is exactly what is happening. The cell phone is showing the caller id of the original caller. We want the cell phone to display the caller id of the HELPDESK line so that the on-call person knows that the call is a HELPDESK call and not just another personal call.
Thanks for the reply.

@ mscisk
'DID 1 points to VDN1, vector that just saved incomming ANI in variables (A) and disconnect.
DID 2 points to VDN2, vector with route-to variable (A).

Employee on duty saw VDN2 number.'

Thanks mscisk. Unfortunately we have the 'YUGO' model of vectoring and the variables are not a feature that we can use. But, your approach is interesting. Maybe I can do a trick or two using your basic concept.

@ agetor

'You may also achieve this using EC500 if you have the license.'

Tony, we do have the EC500 licenses. Two of the on-call people already use that feature almost continually. What happens, is that they still see the ANI of the original caller to the HELPDESK line, and they really want to see an indicator (caller id) that the call is a HELPDESK call and not just another personal call from some unknown person.

I suggested to our on-call folks that we issue a cell phone dedicated to the HELPDESK calls, so that every HELPDESK call gets pointed to the HELPDESK cell phone. They could pass the cell phone around to the on-call person. But, none of the on-call people wanted to carry two cell phones around.

I will update when I find the right way to pass the caller id that I want. If you have any ideas, I would be glad to hear them.


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