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Solution Delivered 9600 Screensaver in H.323 phones

The procedure for H.323 and SIP phones are different!

in the case of H.323 phones:

You will need to modify the 46xxsettings.txt file. In the case of H.323 it is called screensaver and there are two parameters in the 46xxsettings.txt file:

## SCREENSAVERON specifies the number of minutes of idle time after which the screen saver will be displayed.
## If an image file has been downloaded based on the SCREENSAVER (H.323) or LOGOS and CURRENT_LOGO (for SIP)
## parameter, it will be used as the screen saver.
## Otherwise, the built-in Avaya one-X(TM) screen saver will be used.
## Valid values are 0 through 999; the default value is 240 (4 hours).
## A value of 0 means that the screen saver will not be displayed automatically when the phone is idle.
## This parameter is supported by:
## 96x1 H.323 R6.0 and later
## 96x1 SIP R6.0 and later
## B189 H.323 R1.0 and later
## 96x0 H.323 R1.0 and later, but not supported by the 9610
## 96x0 SIP R1.0 and later

## SCREENSAVER specifies the filename of a JPEG image to be used as a customized screen saver.
## Valid values are 0 through 32 ASCII characters; the default value is null ("").
## 96x1 H.323 R6.0 and later
## 96x0 H.323 R2.0 and later, but not supported by the 9610

Administering a custom screen saver
Avaya provides a standard screen saver. However, you can administer a customized screen saver for 9600 Series IP deskphones with bit-mapped displays. The screen saver displays when the idle timer reaches the value set in the system parameter SCREENSAVERON. The phone removes the screen saver whenever you reset the idle timer. If the value of SCREENSAVERON is 0, the phone does not display either the standard Avaya screen saver or any customized screen saver you specify in the SCREENSAVER system parameter. The deskphones display the screen savers for approximately 5 seconds at a time at random locations on the screen, so that the entire image is always displayed. When the phone removes the screen saver, the phone restores the previously displayed screen unless a specified software operation such as making a call from the Phone screen displays some other screen. You can administer color images for gray scale sets or black and white images for color sets. The deskphone will present the images as applicable for their displays.

To determine what image to display, the deskphone adheres to this procedure:
  • During start-up, the deskphone checks for the file named in the system parameter SCREENSAVER. If the deskphone finds a file, the deskphone checks that file for valid jpeg format, and to verify that the screen saver image height and screen saver image width do not exceed the specifications. The screen saver should be a smaller size than these pixel values specified so the screen saver can move randomly while displaying the entire image.
  • If the deskphone does not download a valid file, either because no file exists, or because the downloaded file exceeded one or more of the pixel count limits, or because the image is not a valid JPEG image, the deskphone uses the Avaya-specific screen saver

"Home screen" you may see "My Pictures". "My Pictures" is displays if and only if SCREENSAVERON is non-null.

Please refer to Administering Avaya 9608/9608G/9611G/ 9621G/9641G/9641GS IP Deskphones H. 323 (Release 6.6 Issue 1 April 2015)

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