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Solution Delivered CM 5.2 and Ancillaries Shutdown

Originally Posted by eyerh66 View Post
Thanks for the info! I will have a backup available before I bring everything down. Do you know in what order I should bring everything down? Should I bring down servers first then gateways? If servers first, should it be the active server or backup? In what order should the gateways in the port network come down? 1A through 1D or vice versa?
We had much the same situation when upgrading the UPS protecting my CMr.5.2.1 switch. Here is the order I used:

No Particular Order


Oder Is More Important with These
  1. MSS
  2. MAS1
  3. MAS2
  4. STANDBY S8730
  5. ACTIVE S8730
  6. I save the G650 carriers for last. And sisnce I have never seen anyting more definitive than pulling the plug on the power supplies, thats what I did. I have seen cocumentaton that explained that gateways run a restart when the power is restored.
I have also seen that Avaya does not want you to re-apply power within 10 second of powering off. Anyway nothing broke.
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