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Originally Posted by smanjunath View Post
Concern 1: Documentation

You can find the procedure for configuring vlans on a port in the documentation
Page 35 - Adding or removing ports in a VLAN
I can _NOT_ find an instruction on how to make the port tagged or untagged in this document. The encapsulation dot1q and vlan tagging tagall commands are not even mentioned, that's just ridiculous.

Originally Posted by smanjunath View Post
Concern 2: making a "trunk" port _not_ to strip the Default VLAN tag


On the egress side again you can send these default vlan id packets as tagged or untagged. By default Avaya switch sends the packets with tag. If you prefer to untag the default vlan id packets then you have to enable the port configuration "UNTAG DEFVLAN"
Again, the problem is - the egress port can both untag and not_untag packets from vlan 50 (the default one) even with "UNTAG DEFVLAN" disabled.

Try your setup without changing the default vlan untag settings - that's what I was testing.
Simply add the VLAN 50 to both ports and configure both as trunks.

In my case, the laptops are able to ping each other and ingress/egress traffic is untagged.

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