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Originally Posted by havel3 View Post
First thought : you have a user, group or faulty shortcode with number "0".
Another one: can you dial group 200? Or any exsisting user/group which has the digit zero in the number?
There are some specific users using *FWD0 as a short code with a telephone number of 100=100. But some people have a short code of *FWD0 and a telephone number of 209=208 or some full 12 digit number, so i'm unsure how relevant that is. What they use to be able to do and have suddenly had problems with is dialing 0 to reach extension 100 (the operator). Also, yes, they can dial users and groups with 0's in their extensions

I wonder, if I create a new short code with a short code of '0', an action of 'call extn', a telephone number of 100, and a group ID of 0, will this allow everyone who dials 0 to be redirected to extension 100? or will this cause issues for other users/groups/short codes?

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