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Resurrected an old thread here!

CBC = Call by Call stats, and they are configured & run from CCMA. They enable you to follow a contacts progress from arrival in the contact centre to when it terminates on an agent and is released (or is abandoned/routed etc.). In order to get a full picture of what happens to a contact you need to turn on CBC stats for all the applications you wish to examine.
In order to check/turn on CBC stats you need to log in to CCMA and go to Configuration > [CCMS server] > Historical Statistics, you will then see the CBC table on the right and you can set which applications you wish to collect data for & whether you want local, network or both. You also need to check the database size after setting.
Once set, you run CBC stats from Historical Reporting > [CCMS server] > Call-by-Call > Call By Call Statistics. You can only run a report on up to an hours worth of Call By Call stats though when you select the date range.

Not sure what you are asking about the Database Integration Wizard, as it's purpose is to exchange call data between CCMS scripts & an ODBC compliant database and to attach script data to a contact. If you have a look at the AACC Server Admin & AACC Fundamentals & Planning guides they will hopefully give you an explanation of what the DIW is used for.
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